Descap 1 Private Equity Trust: Investing in the Thailand Hospitality Recovery Story
Capitalization: 2.5 billion Baht (US$80 million)
October 2020

Our Mission – DESCAP 1 -  Inaugural  SEC Regulated Thailand Private Equity Trust

  • DESCAP 1 Private Equity Trust will acquire a portfolio of up to eight hotels in Thailand over the next 18 months.
  • Five strategic hotel asset management initiatives: Recapitalize, Reposition, Rebrand, Re-employ and Re-open.
  • Our hotels adopt sustainable energy and water management compliant systems and practices which is our commitment to maintaining competitive, sustainable, inclusive and resilient hotel operations.
  • Experienced deal execution track record of acquiring, adding value and selling hospitality assets.

Our Strategy

  • Destination Capital sources assets with potential to unlock value and enjoy high yielding returns after a renovation and repositioning strategy is executed. The focus is prime-located four star freehold hotels and resorts of approximately 200 rooms located in key urban and resort locations.
  • Future funds will be launched with a goal to acquire approximately 20- 25 four star hotels in the Asia Pacific Region ranging in capital values from 600 million Baht (US$20m) to 1.5 billion Baht ($50m).
  • Holding period is typically 5 years